Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crosby and Nash

"Crosby , Stills, Nash and Young"; not a very creative name for a group starring by Crosby , Stills, Nash and Neil Young; but creative with their music.
My family always used to play that music at saturdays morning, long time ago, in the 80s..

Fast draw based on the video at Youtube. For any reason in that video were playing only Crosby and Nash


Lucy Makuc said...

oh yeah! I remember too my parents listening the same cassette (or was it a lp?) over and over again... songs like "our house" was incredible touching for a little girl who doesnt speak the language :P

Your illustration is gorgeous, these really are them

Nate Villanueva said...

love them!!! reminds me of long drives up bakersfield with the family. dad and i singing our house together. thanks for bring back the memories. lovely drawing.

Unknown said...

Beautiful art !

Will follow for sure <3